Crown vs Baker

I am planning this activity for a mock trial for my year 8 students, but I need some more characters to have about twenty-five roles. Who do you think I could add?

Any other halfway sensible suggesting are welcome, too.

Crown vs Baker

  1. Rick Baker: accused of stealing a bicycle from the fish and chip shop at 1:20pm. Pleading not guilty
  2. Martha Davis: Ricky’s mother, saw him at 12:55pm on that day.
  3. Antonio Ricci: owner of the stolen bicycle. Left it outside the fish and chip shop at 1:05pm and found it missing at 1:30pm
  4. Judge Reinhold: judge of this case
  5. Atticus Finch: lawyer for the defence
  6. Horace Rumpole: lawyer for the defence
  7. Jack McCoy: lawyer for the prosecution
  8. Claire Kincaid: lawyer for the prosecution
  9. Christine Cagney: police officer who arrested Ricky. Found the missing red bike on the footpath in front of Ricky’s house.
  10. Samuel Lapp: witness who saw Ricky riding a red bike. He is 31 years old and a professional artist.
  11. Rachel Lapp: witness who saw Ricky riding a green bike. She is 59 years old and jogs every day.
  12. Joyce Byers: witness who saw the bike locked out outside the fish and chip shop at 1:00pm
  13. Al Gore: witness who saw Victor Ray riding a red bike away from town at 1:30pm. He is 68 years old.
  14. Janine ‘Smurf’ Cody: seen by Pauline Hanson outside the fish and chip shop around midday.
  15. Pauline Hanson: runs the fish and chip shop. Noticed Victor at midday near the shop and remembers serving at about 1pm.
  16. Sonny Corleone: says he was with Ricky from 1:15 to 1:45 at the skate park, 2 minutes away from the fish and chip shop.
  17. Paul Simon: police officer who collected fingerprints from the recovered bicycle. Found one clear print from Ricky, one from Janine ‘Smurf’ Cody, and one from Christine Cagney.
  18. Jimmy Rabbit: a friend of Antonio Ricci, was with him and the fish and chip shop. Did not see Janine ‘Smurf’ Cody or Ricky Baker there.
  19. Steve Coogan: was at the skate park from 12:00 until 2.00, and does not remember anyone else there.
  20. Howard Cunningham: hardware store owner who sold three pairs of bolt cutters that weekend, but has no record of who he sold them to.
  21. Kylie Minogue: Ricky’s neighbour, who saw Ricky ride a bike past her house at exactly midday. She is not sure what colour the bike was.
  22. Julia Roberts: Antonio’s best friend. Said that Antonio told her that he had a plan to get a new bike, which struck her as odd.
  23. Alfred Hitchcock: seen on the street (NPC)
  24. Casey Donovan: the local troubadour, busking near the fish and chip, and suspects Ricky Baker took money from her guitar case.
  25. Louis Lane: Write up the story of the case for the local newspaper, without naming any minors.


Other facts

  • It is 3 kilometres from Ricky’s house to the fish and chip shop.
  • The town-hall clock rings every day at midday, and can be heard through the entire town.
  • It is very busy outside the fish and chip shop around lunchtime.
  • Ricky already owns an old bike.
  • Julia Roberts used to be friends with Steve Coogan.
  • Matha Davis is always losing her watch.



Happy Anniversary

It was twenty years ago today, or perhaps tomorrow (my memory is not what it used to be), that Nicky and I moved in together. We lived in a small, brick house in Fordham Court in Richmond, in the shadow of the old Pelaco factory.

Since then, we’ve have two kids, both been retrenched from Telstra, and have lived in five houses together. Nicky has had major surgery to remove a tumour, and I’ve had major dramas at work and episodes of uncontrollable crying.

But we’ve made it through two decades of all of that, at times by just putting one foot in front of the other and just making it through that day, and that’s an achievement, one that plenty of people don’t manage.

And, on this anniversary, I do want to say that I have been lucky to spend all these years with someone so clever, kind, and wonderful.

I have a photograph

Like many people, each photo I take with my phone is automatically backed up online. This is a terrific feature, because it keeps those photos safe, and also because I often go back to the photos on a computer. 

Looking through my collection idly this morning, I realised just how much I use the camera on my phone. If I want to remember where I parked or how much something costs, I take a photo. Or if something is just visually striking and I want to share it.  And while these photos are handy, I don’t need them forever. 

So this morning I did clean-out of about a thousand photos.  I kept those photos of people but discarded many of places, signs, and things. They are mildly interesting, but someone else can archive those things. 

Habits of Heart

The phrase habits of mind has gained some currency in the course of my adult life, and I think that it expresses a useful concept. Like our body has muscle memory, our mind has things it does more easily.

And I think that our hearts and emotions have habits, too. And we see this in the way that we react to things and the situations that we create. There are patterns and habits. We can react differently, just like we can do unusual actions physically with enough effort, but usually our habits of heart guide us, often unnoticed.